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About Global Advances in Health and Medicine LLC

About Global Advances in Health and Medicine LLC

Global Advances in Health and Medicine LLC (GAHM LLC), founded in 2011, is the publisher of Global Advances in Health and Medicine. GAHM LLC is collaborating with the global community of healthcare professionals and engineering a value chain integrated with three strategic business units: (1) Publishing and Broadcasting; (2) Conference and Collaboration Services and (3) Data Management and Technology Transfer.

Rationale for Working With GAHM LLC

Healthcare systems face increasing challenges including reduced budgets, misaligned clinical and financial incentives, an incomplete evidence base, and suboptimal outcomes. Individualized approaches are supplanting the one-drug-for-one-disease model that currently dominates healthcare. Innovative approaches leveraged by digital technologies such as whole systems approaches and translational “omics” are leading healthcare professionals to consider care in a broader context, including lifestyle, environment, and genetics. Global Advances in Health and Medicine team members have worked together in related ventures, promoting collaborations and facilitating the application of new insights. As we capture information on global advances in health and medicine, we keep you informed of the practical implications of those discoveries.

Strategic Business Units in GAHM LLC

Our strategic business units and the offerings in our product portfolio reflect a value chain focused on insights and innovations used to design products, services, and solutions to support best practices in health and medicine. While GAHM LLC’s competitors specialize in product categories in one or two verticals, GAHM LLC is focused across multiple verticals, emphasizing product innovation at points of convergence and positioned to deliver a value chain around information in the Journal.

1. The Publishing and Broadcasting Unit at Global Advances in Health and Medicine is responsible for assisting healthcare professionals and investors gain a more complete, accurate, and precise understanding of health-related innovations that fill gaps in scholarly medical content and evidence-based medicine. For example, we believe that if data from patient encounters were systematically captured, clinical practice, research, and healthcare policy would benefit. The information and knowledge available from the systematic collection of data from patient encounters in the real-world practice of medicine are often overlooked. Such omissions diminish the clinical usefulness of this area of the research literature in health and medicine.

2. The Conference and Collaboration Unit will be initially focused on a Case Reports initiative. A recent search of PubMED using the words “case reports” yielded more than 1.5 million records. Yet despite this huge volume of information, the quality and standardization of published case reports remains inadequate and uneven.1,2 This is complicated by the fact that therapies used in the real world of healthcare delivery, particularly in the emerging era of individualized medicine with genomic information, often have not been tested in clinical trials taking advantage of this level of individualization. In 2012, Global Advances in Health and Medicine LLC is supporting a 2-day consensus workshop to develop Health Research Reporting Guidelines for Case Reports (CARE Guidelines). High-quality, professional case reports following these guidelines will inform the design and implementation of clinical trials and enable real-time knowledge sharing that leverages advances in technology and healthcare informatics.

3. The Data Management and Technology Transfer Unit will help individuals and organizations behind global advances in health and medicine gain access to information from patient encounters through a searchable data repository. Stakeholders will have the ability to query the data repository. We anticipate these efforts will inform clinical researchers and research funders and will facilitate the use of information from the real world of healthcare delivery in planning clinical trials. Case Report Guidelines combined with a data repository will also inform practitioners and patients and strengthen the link between clinical expertise and external evidence.3

Operating Values

Our Corporate Vision is to help healthcare professionals around the world improve the health of individuals and broaden the application of breakthroughs and best practices in health and medicine and share insights and interventions that reflect our primary focus on the global convergences in health and medicine, whole systems approaches in healthcare, and high-quality case reports.

Our Corporate Mission is to accelerate the recognition and broaden the application of global advances in health and medicine, resulting in improved population-health management, healthcare delivery, and patient outcomes.

GAHM LLC’s founders are committed to continuous improvement of the Company’s intelligence capabilities and quality. To this end, the Company’s leadership team is soliciting investments, unrestricted educational grants, and strategic alliances from individuals and enterprises that share the vision of accelerating global advances in health and medicine.

Company Credo

  1. At Global Advances in Health and Medicine, LLC, we believe our FIRST RESPONSIBILITY is to higher principles.
  2. We believe our SECOND RESPONSIBILITY is to guardianship, ethical behavior, and personal integrity.
  3. We believe our THIRD RESPONSIBILITY is to apply our gifts in service to others.



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